Please contact the school directly for information on bus routes. 

Responsibilities of Transported Students
The privilege of riding the bus is contingent upon students abiding by the rules established by MCAA and STS, Inc., listed below: 
 The bus must maintain a regular schedule and cannot wait for pupils.
 The driver has disciplinary responsibilities which pupils must respect. HE/SHE/THEY IS REQUIRED TO REPORT ANY BREACH OF BUS RULES TO THE PRINCIPAL or BUS SUPERVISOR
 A regular seating arrangement may be implemented if deemed appropriate by the bus driver/principal
 No profane or inappropriate language or inappropriate conduct will be permitted.
 Pupils shall be respectful to persons whom they meet or pass on the roads/streets.
 All passengers must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
 No one may leave the bus without the driver's consent
 Changing seats during a trip is not allowed.
 The use of tobacco in any form, vaping, and further use of drugs is prohibited.
 Spitting on the floor or other parts of the bus is prohibited.
 Throwing objects at, on, against, into or out of bus is strictly prohibited
 Parents should not confront a bus driver at the bus stop
 The rear door will be opened only in case of emergency
 Students will be picked up/dropped off only at their assigned bus stop.
 The bus is equipped with video equipment and records all bus-related activity
 Parents are expected to abide by any discipline action deemed appropriate by school administrators, until an investigation has been completed.
 Only those students assigned to a specific bus will be allowed to enter that bus without prior approval
 No fighting or striking fellow students or employees, and no employee shall fight with or strike any student or employee.
 Defacing, cutting, or scratching school property is prohibited and will result in restitution.
 Blocking, restricting, or otherwise placing objects in aisle, steps, or emergency exit is prohibited.
 Students must keep heads, hands, arms, and legs inside the bus
 Students are prohibited from entering the bus with weapons of any kind
 No one should board a school bus, at any time, without expressed authorization of the school bus driver. 
 The driver will be considered the authority during transportation, unless his/her/they actions directly challenge the afore-mentioned rules, therefore, all pupils must abide by instructions given during travel. Action taken is to ensure the highest possible safety standards are maintained. Questions regarding incidents on the bus should be referred to school office personnel. Students waiting to ride the bus or riding the bus are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior as stated in the systems code of student conduct. When infractions occur, the following disciplinary action will be taken: 
1st Infraction - Warning - parental notification
2nd Infraction - Suspension of riding privileges for 5 days
3rd Infraction - Suspension of riding privileges for 10 days - parent conference
4th Infraction - Suspension of riding privileges for the remainder of the current school year

If bus infractions are of a severe nature, bus privileges will be suspended until an investigation has been completed. The results of the investigation may result in the suspension of riding privileges. Each incident will be evaluated on its own merit and additional riding privileges may be revoked at administration discretion, as well as other appropriate disciplinary action.
All decisions from MCAA and STS, Inc. are final.

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