Michael Wilson, PhD

Principal, MCAA


It is both an honor and privilege to welcome you as the inaugural classes at this inclusive, diverse, and innovative learning space. The Magic City Acceptance Academy began as an idea that turned into a dream and then a vision for the creation of this brave and affirming space. A dream and a vision that is now a reality.

Parents and students please know that we operate with an "open door" policy, meaning that we encourage communication and collaboration at all levels. This means that any individual can address any issue with whoever they would feel could best solve it without the need to go through layers of bureaucracy. It is imperative that we hear and give value to every voice in our community.

As a school leader this is an opportunity that not many have, to create a learning environment/space beginning with a blank piece of paper and creating a space that, I believe, addresses the needs of so many students and giving them the opportunity to learn and achieve at high levels while affirming who they are as human beings.

Please join me in celebrating this great moment as we become a learning community that should be and should have existed in public education before and will be an example going forward.