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Magic City Acceptance Academy (MCAA) believes that access to technology in school gives students greater opportunities to learn, create, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for work, life, and citizenship. We expect all students to exercise responsible and ethical behaviors while online as a demonstration of good digital citizenship. We are committed to helping students develop the technology and problem-solving skills necessary to support their future successes. Therefore, we believe all students should have access to technology tools when students act in a responsible and legal manner. The Technology resource Agreement outlines the guidelines and behaviors that students are expected to follow when using school technology resources or when using personally-owned devices on the school campus. Please reference that document for the most updated information.

Users of MCAA's technology resources acknowledge their responsibility for actions and conduct while using any electronic resource. MCAA's technology resources are intended for the sole purpose of academics as directed by the MCAA staff and not to be used for any other purpose. Any action by a user that is determined by an administrator to constitute an inappropriate or unauthorized use of any resource or to improperly restrict or inhibit other members from using any system is strictly prohibited and will result in terminating the user's access privileges and potentially disciplinary action. Actions taken to circumvent the district/school network, which is filtered for students, is a violation of this agreement. Users specifically agree not to submit, publish, or display on the system any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, violent, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, illegal material, or to encourage the use of controlled substances. The alteration of the setup and configuration of any computer or system component is unacceptable unless such activities are curricular objectives , in a specific course, under direct teacher supervision. Also forbidden is any breach of security including, but not limited to, divulging individual logins and passwords, hacking, or otherwise gaining unauthorized access to electronic resources. Transmission of material, information, or software in violation of any local, state, or federal law (such as copyrighted material, software piracy, harassment, vandalism, etc.) is a breach of the above terms and conditions; and all assistance will be provided to authorities in the investigation, arrest, and conviction of offenders. It is an expectation that students log in to devices using their unique credentials. MCAA assumes no responsibility or liability for any actions taken that violate this agreement including but not limited to credit fraud, slander, cyber bullying, identity theft, data mining, and hacking. 

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