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Curriculum and Instruction

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MCAA will deliver an academic model that embraces the following core components: 


  • High-quality, Aligned Curriculum that allows for culturally-responsive adaptations;

  • Project-Based Learning embedded in each content area and learning unit; 

  • Blended Learning, driven by excellent teachers and a world-class online platform that allows students to learn at their own pace and allows teachers to upload curriculum and lessons plans, monitor progress in real time, and make data-based decisions;

  • Arts-Infused Community Projects emphasizing the a social/restorative justice theme; 

  • 1:1 Mentoring wherein upon request a student can receive a mentor who helps set college and career goals, regularly monitors progress towards those goals on the online platform, gives real-time feedback on next steps, and serves as a personal ally; and

  • Mental and Physical Health Services using Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO) wrap-around resources for students.

Proficiency reports for school performance in ELA, Math and Science 

MCAA FY22 Accountability 

MCAA 21-22  
SIR Report 

EL Plan for 2022-2023

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